Façade Restoration

The façade, while best known for it’s aesthetic benefits, also provides structural support for a building as well as vertical weatherproofing for the interior spaces. All three of these components should be analyzed during façade restoration. By performing a thorough analysis of the building’s façade prior to design, AMR Engineering provides a detailed list of our findings and recommendations for immediate repairs as well as preventative maintenance to address all three façade functions.

At AMR Engineering we believe that the key to a successful façade restoration project often occurs before the contractor arrives on-site. A detailed pre-construction effort including preliminary investigation, preparation of contract documents, bid process and review, pre-construction meetings and a review of all mock-ups and submittals will often eliminate unnecessary costs and construction delays.

The appurtenances of a façade (balconies, fire escapes, etc.) often deteriorate faster than the façade itself and therefore require particular attention and increased maintenance. Repairs to these elements should be addressed in a manner that will prolong the useful life of the appurtenance as well as the repairs performed.

As well-versed and experienced façade restoration consultants, with a long track record of success on projects varying from low-rise commercial and residential buildings to luxury high-rise towers, AMR Engineering can assist in all phases of facade restoration.

FISP - Learn More

The NYC Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP), also known as Local Law 11/98 mandates owners of buildings higher than six (6) stories must have exterior walls and appurtenances inspected every five (5) years along with a technical façade report that must be electronically filed with the Department through DOB NOW: Safety.

The 8th Cycle recently concluded at the end of February 2019. Submissions for Sub-Cycle A of the 9th Cycle begin February 2020.

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