Kemperol - Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems



Liquid-applied waterproofing is based on reaction resins which are applied to the actual substrate on site in cold liquid form and reinforced with a fleece inlay. The liquid resin adapts to all structural features and cures to form a seamless, permanently elastic membrane, which bonds tightly to the substrate, providing long-term protection. The requirements placed on waterproofing determine which material characteristics are required.  If this factor is ignored, it will usually result in the application of unsuitable materials.



The difference between the terms coating, which has some ability to bridge cracks, and waterproofing with liquid resins, must be understood. Carrier inserts ensure the required thickness over the entire surface – horizontally, vertically and even overhead. The resulting limited expansion properties with higher tear resistance guarantee the secure bridging of joints and any subsequent cracks and expansions.

Kemperol - Application In Three Steps

1) Apply 2/3 Of The Resin


After ensuring the substrate has been correctly pre-treated

2) Roll Out Fleece W/O Bubbles Or Creases


Applications must be carried out in suitable weather conditions

3) Apply The Remaining 1/3 Of The Resin Up To The Saturation Point


Effectively and efficiently covers large areas



For Large Scale Applications

The KEMPERATOR allows for efficient application of waterproofing on larger areas. After appropriate curing periods, the waterproofing can be walked on or an additional topcoat can be applied.

KEMPER SYSTEM products are only applied by trained personnel in order to ensure maximum quality of the products.

The KEMPERATOR is an application machine developed by KEMPER SYSTEM specifically for laying KEMPEROL V 210 M, BR M and 2K-PUR waterproofing systems on larger areas.

There is a mini version for waterproofing of edges and details. It can be fitted with fleece with a maximum width of 350 mm.

Operating the KEMPERATOR is easy and straightforward. Reinforcing fleece is fitted onto a cartridge and the tank filled with KEMPEROL. As the fleece passes through the machine, it is saturated with KEMPEROL before being guided by rollers onto the surface free from creases and folds. Any air bubbles are easily pressed out with a nylon roller.

The Benefits:

Faster: The KEMPERATOR increases the speed of application considerably. Edges, details and whole areas can be waterproofed much faster than in the past.

Streamlined: The KEMPERATOR streamlines on-site operations, increasing productivity.

Cost Effective: The time saved is reflected in the price for the job, making KEMPEROL a competitive option compared to conventional materials.