Historic Preservation


Our Principal, Amr Hafez,  has worked on numerous historic and landmark structures, including high-rise and low-rise office buildings as well as ornate residential buildings. Exhaustive research, early coordination with all governing agencies and the involvement of our team of qualified experienced professionals are all essential components in the preservation of historic structures. When analyzing and repairing the building envelope of historic structures a conservative approach is preferable, as full-scale repair or replacement is not always best or most cost effective solution.


Thorough documentation of existing conditions including sketches, photographs and cataloging of deteriorated elements is necessary for the restoration process. The use of new technologies can eliminate unnecessary probes and demolition. By incorporating the use of laser scanning, AMR Engineering can achieve an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy during the design phase, often without the need for hands-on visual inspections. In addition to providing detailed contract documents, laser scans will allow for the creation of 3D models of decorative stone units for shop drawings and mold castings.